Saturday, October 1, 2011

2Y5W: All about Kelly (3/28/11 - 4/3/11)

This was a pretty uneventful week for Lily but a good week for me. On Wednesday, I was promoted to Clinical Subjects Coordinator with a raise and was given a research study to manage all on my own. I was very excited. On Saturday, I went to Lansing to hang out with Amy and Lisa again. We want to plan girls’ nights out every other month or so but had another one so soon because a band we all wanted to see was performing in Lansing that day. We went out and had pedicures together then went to The Green Door to see Starfarm which is an 80’s cover band. The band was wonderful and we had a blast dancing to our favorite music. I spent the night at Lisa’s apartment then we hung out and caught up a bit more the next morning. It was a lot of fun. I miss hanging with the girls but was also happy to get home to Lily.

Here are some pictures from this week.

Lily making some cute faces while reading her favorite book with grandma on Tuesday:

Sporting a crazy case of bed-head and TP'ing a very tolerant Amber on Friday:

Lily running around the yard in her penguin coat. She loves this coat because a) it has penguinos on it and b) it used to be Rachel's:

Girls' night out with Amy and Lisa. I like how the TV in the background makes it look like Lisa has hands growing out of her head:

I love this sign at the bar almost as much as I loved having a smoke-free night out:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

2Y4W: Hot Doctor (3/21/11 - 3/27/11)

All last weekend Lily kept talking about wanting to see the “hot doctor” and both Paul and I were mystified. We thought she was quoting some boy-crazy person she had been around but didn’t know who. On Monday when she and Paul came to pick me up from work and parked by the Survival Flight helicopter pad as usual, Lily excitedly pointed and declared, “hot doctor!” We had to laugh that apparently hot doctor = helicopter.

Much to our dismay, Lily came down with croup on Thursday night. It was to be expected, though, as she always tends to get either an ear infection or croup a week after she has recovered from a cold. It sucks to always have her follow up an illness with an even worse one. I took her to the doctor on Friday to get the diagnosis confirmed. The cold air exposure getting her in and out of the car did her some good and she finally felt well enough to want “burger fries” on the way home. I stopped and got her a McDonald’s Happy Meal but her exhaustion from crying through most of the night instead of sleeping won out over her hunger and she ended up falling asleep with a fry hanging out of her mouth on the way home. It was the most adorable thing. I had to pull over and take pictures then wake her up a bit so she could finish chewing the fry before falling right back to sleep.

On Friday night, I had already planned to go to my friend Amy’s special ‘Friday Night Fiesta’ Zumba class in Mason then spend the night at her house. I felt bad leaving Paul with a sick baby but they both did okay without me. I had a lot of fun at the class and the best part was being able to catch up with my former roommate from college, Lisa, who I haven’t seen since 2001. We went out for drinks after the class and had a lot of fun. It was just like no time had passed. I spent the night at Amy’s as planned and thought I would sleep well being baby-free for the first time in forever but I kept waking up out of habit and perhaps out of guilt for leaving Lily when she was sick. I went home early in the afternoon on Saturday and we spent the rest of the weekend hanging around the house while Lily recovered. Thankfully, she was almost back to normal on Sunday. Those steroids work wonders!

My weekly email from was mostly about speech and language development this week. It said, “Your child may be using the most basic words, or he may be stringing together sentences already. First sentences tend to be brief, but they get the point across and are exciting to hear. Help your child internalize sentence structure by repeating his words in full sentences.” Lily has been talking in full sentences for quite some time now. All of her sentences have subjects, verbs, and objects used correctly in the right order. I am frequently impressed at her proper use of verb tense and definite and indefinite articles. She does always say, “I pick you up” instead of “Pick me up” but that is too cute to correct. Other than that, she has a really good grasp of the English language. But while she is ahead on the language front, she is behind on the next subject in the email- sleeping. Sleep has ALWAYS been an issue for Lily. One interesting thing they said was that “fighting sleep is a way to take control, but it’s also a way to stave off fears that come with the night.” Fear is definitely one of Lily’s major problems. Not only does she fight sleep because she wants to keep playing but her meltdowns and desire to sleep in our bed seem to be truly fear-driven lately as she tends to talk about all of the things she is afraid of while we are trying to put her to bed. I reassure her the best I can but wish I could do more and REALLY wish I could get her to go to sleep on her own in her own bed like I could four months ago. They went on to discuss transitioning from the crib to a big kid bed but I can’t even get Lily to sleep in her crib. She is definitely not ready for a big bed since part of getting her down is the necessity of having her caged in! We’ve had a toddler bed waiting for her in our garage that was kindly given to us last summer by Kirsten’s neighbor. Who knows when she will be ready to use it? At this rate, not anytime soon.

Here are some pictures from this week.

Forming "words" in the tub while her beloved cocodrilo looks on:

Exhausted croupy baby passed out in the car with a french fry hanging out of her mouth:

It makes me so sad to see her this sick but I thought it was cute that Lily and Amber were sharing a pillow to watch TV:

Lily playing on a tote while watching UmiZoomi on Sunday. You know she feels better when the living room becomes a disaster zone of toys:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lily is Full of Love and Funny Faces (3/21/11)

Ever since Lily started saying that she loves me, she has been full of love for everyone in her life. I got three different recordings of her declaring her love today but the first is my favorite. Clearly, her papi holds a very special place in her heart.

In this video, Lily loves me! Then she wanted to give me a hug and have me pick her up.

I like how at the end of this video, she uses her manners and her Spanish skills to answer "de nada" after I said "gracias".

One of Lily's favorite things to do is make faces together. Her favorites are the surprised and mad faces. She has certainly perfected her scowl and she wouldn't do her happy face for me. Child stars are just so hard to direct!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Winter Around the Yard (3/19/11)

On this, the last day of winter, I am posting pictures taken around our yard during the winter season. Now if someone could please just inform the weather that spring is supposed to arrive tomorrow so they should cancel all of the snow in the forecast, that would be great.

A cardinal roughing out the snow on our mountain ash tree:

A woodpecker braving the snow as well:

Another cardinal in the snow:

A beautiful sunset in the woods:

A bird in the morning light:

A cool vertical rainbow in the yard:

A bunch of ducks discovered the birdseed in our yard:

Another cool sunset as viewed from Rachel's window:

Apparently the ducks spread word of our birdseed to their other duck friends as well as some geese because we suddenly had quite the crowd at our birdseed pile:

Various tracks in the snow on our driveway and patio:

Another woodpecker:

A squirrel enjoying birdseed on our patio and tormenting our cats:

Looking for food in the dead tree:

An unusually pink house finch:

Standing next to one of its own species:

A sunflower seed hull got stuck on its beak:

An opossum (a.k.a. puma) on our patio:

A duck wandering the backyard:

Our sandhill cranes returned on 3/12/11:

An oddly leucistic red-winged blackbird:

A very cute red squirrel: